Helicopter Pub Crawl Tour 

 Helicopter Pub Crawl Tour 

Half Day Tour – 4 Pubs
$1335.00 for up to three (full hire of one helicopter)
$445.00pp for three

A tour of the best pubs in the region… In a helicopter

About Our Helicopter Pub Crawl

A must-do

A truly authentic Australian experience

This is as amazing and simple as it sounds.  Your day will take you to four unique, and unapologetically, locally, authentic pubs. This package is for the hire of the entire helicopter which seats up to three passengers.

Our tour is different; not only will you tour the best hand-picked pubs in the region, you will travel all around Brisbane; Beaudesert; The Hinterlands, Gold Coast; South Stradbroke, North Stradbroke & Moreton Islands. We don’t just directly fly from one pub to the next but make this into a full helicopter experience of a life-time. The scenery is breathtaking.

We have heavily discounted this this tour because we want it to be accessible to as many people as possible. Our competitors charge double or more with few pubs and scenic options. This is a half day tour; usually an afternoon, but we won’t stop you if you want to go drinking in the morning. We also offer a full day tour here. In total you will visit 6 pubs for a full day, 4 for half day tour. Have a larger group? No problem, we can take more helicopters. We can also pick up from your property, contact us for a custom quote

Half Day Tour

First you’ll be flat-out like a lizard drinking – at the Bearded Dragon*

The Bearded Dragon is a Free house (pub), a pub that is owned independently of the breweries that supply it. The Bearded Dragon is much more than just a tavern and accommodation. They also have a reptile & crocodile show three times a week, cane toads racing as well as bird watching, walking tracks in the beautiful Mount Tamborine mountain, and 15 cold beers on tap

Their Website

*Please pace yourselves, you have many more pubs still to go

the bearded dragon

Eagle Heights – That’s the one on top of the mountain

Eagle Heights Mountain Resort on Tamborine Mountain has a full panoramic view of the Gold Coast. It spansfar beyond Stradbroke Island to the North, and all the way into New South Whales to the south. The resort is most famous for its beer garden; and is very popular stop with motorbike riders who come to enjoy the roads

Their website

Eagle Heights - Helicopter Pub Crawl

Next we are going to take a break and take in the views of the Gold Coast

We are detouring via the gorgeous beaches of the Gold Coast. This will be the most scenic part of our flight as we descend down to 500ft (150m) along the pacific ocean coast.

gold coast scenic flight

Harrigans Irish Pub – It’s in the name

Harrigan’s at Calypso Bay is located in the heart of Calypso Bay, a unique community set beside the calm and sheltered waters of southern Moreton Bay, midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Offering stunning water views to the Broadwater and beyond, lush tropical gardens and the finest interior finish, Harrigan’s is the perfect setting for our guests to relax and enjoy our friendly atmosphere

Harrigan’s is an authentic Irish Pub which offers an emporium of fine wines and food along with that famous Irish hospitality. Bands are on offer each weekend, with many genres of music from Jazz to Blues and pop to rock n roll. Live music that the whole family can enjoy

Harrigans Irish Pub

Beautiful beaches, sandbanks of North Straddie and Moreton Bay

As picturesque as it gets. We will be flying up the islands. As we hug the coastline, we often see dugongs, sharks, stingrays, turtles and even sometimes whales

Moreton Island

The Gutter Bar – You have [figuratively] ran aground on the best Bar on Moreton

Leaving the best for last. The Gutter Bar is the sole definition of an authentic Aussie beach pub. Positioned on the southern tip of Moreton island you will feel like you have been flown to the Caribbean. The seafood, especially the oysters, is in a class of its own. Sustainability and environment is at the core of the industry, our local oyster provider tells it best. The place is truly special and is the only pub that we do exclusive tours to. We have also partnered with a local accommodation provider in case you want to stay over night/weekend

Their website

The Gutter Bar

Flight Back

Finally a direct flight back to Archerfield, or why not see Brisbane City from the air with a city scenic upgrade? Only additional $195.00 for 3 people ($65.00pp)

For more details please see our Brisbane Highlights flight

Brisbane Scenic Flight

On to the views

City Scenic

Spice up your flight with a Brisbane City scenic. You will be taken past St Lucia and the Gabba, across the Brisbane River. Past Kangaroo Point and the Botanic Gardens. We will veer left around the Meriton to showcase the northern side of Brisbane. Then we will complete another arc flying past West End and Southbank. All this at a perfect height of 1000ft (300m).

Please note that the CBD is inside Brisbane Controlled Airspace. Whilst we do everything possible to secure a clearance into this airspace sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances [such as a rescue helicopter coming to land] we may not be allowed in. In this case, we will fly past South Bank and West End at the edge of the controlled airspace we will then make a left turn and fly over Mt Cootha and the TV Towers giving you a view of the entire Brisbane area. If it’s clear you will be able to sometimes see all the way to Southport and the Glasshouse Mountains.

This is the total price (Not per person)


I have a group larger than 3

Can we organise a larger group

The pricing for this tour is a little different. $1485.00 will get you your own private helicopter for the entire day which seats up to 3 people. We can accommodate more people by simply taking more helicopters. If you have a group of 4-6, we will take an extra helicopter for $1485.00. If your group is 7-9 then we will take an other helicopter and so forth and so on. Whilst we do have access to turbine powered aircraft which seat many more people; due to number of cycles (starts and shut-downs of the helicopter) the extra cost is significant. However, if you are wanting a no expense spared experience contact us directly and we will be able to look after you

$1485.00 per helicopter (seats 3 passengers)

I'm wanting a turbine powered helicopter

Fancy. We can organise a larger, turbine powered aircraft for you. Please contact us to discuss the option that is most appropriate to your requirements

Once there…

Can we add beers and food to the package?

We have made a decision not to include pre-purchased drinks and food to this package. We do not want our customers to drink more than what they otherwise would do and we want you to have a choice at which pub you dine in (the Gutter Bar is our favourite, but it will be late when we get there, so we recommend to snack during the experience)

How long is this experience?

12pm – 5pm. We recommend that on average you spend around 45min at each pub. We will not time or rush you but if you chose, we will give you a message at each venue when we would recommend going to the next

In short the half-day tour goes for the entire afternoon (but we won’t stop you if you want to go drinking in the morning)

The full-day experience goes from 9:30am – 5pm

Intoxication Policy

Please note that aviation laws are extremely strict in Australia. We would like you to have an amazing time. But we are not by law allowed to fly heavily intoxicated people. Keep this in consideration and try to pace yourself. Remember that this is an experience and one that you want to remember. We have never had a problem since we started running these tours [touch wood] and we have never had a customer who didn’t enjoy the experience

The details

  • The base price is for hire of the entire helicopter for up to three people. 
  • Please note that we may not be able to accommodate some flights in cases where the passenger manifest exceeds the allowable weight. This is usually only the case for 3, 6 or 9 passengers (loads of three per helicopter). Generally this is only the case if all the passengers are close or over 100kg
  • Pick up at the Terminal Building Archerfield Airport – (Or if you have access to a property large enough to facilitate a helicopter landing then contact us to discuss)
  • Basic Package flies you directly to and from Archerfield Airport
  • We will secure the landing permissions and bookings
  • The choice is ultimately yours how much time you want to spend at each pub. We recommend around 45min each
Flight Path
  • Black Flight Path shows our full day helicopter pub tour. The standard package for $1335.00 for up to three
  • Blue Flight Path shows the upgraded Brisbane city helicopter scenic package (available at checkout). Optional extra at $195.00 per helicopter (up to three) 

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Purchasing your Helicopter Pub Crawl Tour

 Base Price Full Day Tour: $445.00pp for three 

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