What makes us different…?

 Untarnished Safety Record 

Safety is ingrained into our company culture and is a part of everything that we do. Our pilots have thousands of hours of flight experience and most are highest level flight instructors. Rest assured that you and your loved ones are in safe hands with us.

 Service with a unique personal touch 

Everything we do is catered around your needs. When you book a flight, our Chief Pilot will be scheduling your booking directly; you will also have access to his personal phone number so we can directly answer any of your questions. We do not put any surcharges on any of our lunch packages. You get the same wholesale rate we do. On the day of your flight, you will be personally greeted by your pilot. If you book any of our lunch or picnic tours, through a quick message your helicopter will be ready to depart when you are. We allocate time before and after the flight to take photos, and talk about where you would like to go on your next helicopter trip with Bekaa Air

 All of our flights are private 

Unlike some companies, we do not combine different people on to the same flight to maximise profits. When you board any Bekaa Air tour or scenic flight, the helicopter will be fully booked out for you. Just you, loved one[s] and the pilot

 Industry leading cancelation policy 

Perhaps a low bar to clear. Anyone who had a flight cancelled for any reason would have gone through the painful process of trying to get a refund. We did everything possible to make our cancelation policy one of the best.

If you would like to reschedule your flight we ask that you do so with a 24 hour notice. Within this window our full refund policy applies

In case you can no longer make your flight on the day and would like to cancel your flight, a $100.00 cancellation fee gets deducted from the total refund amount – you can reschedule any time or get a refund of the remainder

On the day if we deem the conditions to no longer be safe to fly, Bekaa Air customers can either reschedule to any other day or receive a 100% refund. If the weather is marginal (aka safe to fly but less appealing to do so, eg when it’s raining) we can offer full refund or to reschedule your flight to an other day

 Bose Avionic Systems & Air-conditioning

All of our aircraft come equiped with Bose noise canceling headsets, and most of them are also equiped with air-conditioning for passenger comfort. A lot of other companies forgo the extra expense; we don’t

Premium helicopters at an unbeatable price! 

We take care of our aircraft like they are own; because they are. We baby them. They reflect us and what we do. Our helicopters have individual engineers who are the only people allowed to work on them. Maintenance is completed at intervals of every 50 hours.

Access to Business Lounges 

With Bekaa Air you have access to private Business Lounges as an optional extra when flying in and out of Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Fly when you want, where you want 

We don’t have operating hours because we operate around your requirements. As long as there is light, we can fly (approx. 30min prior sunrise and 30min after sunset, but season dependent).  We can land almost anywhere as long as it’s large enough to accommodate our aircraft and we can ascertain landing permission from the landowner.