helicopter flood relief

Cargo & Passenger Transfer

Our fleet of helicopters can be called upon at short notice for public as well as private flood relief operations, both big and small. Our smaller R44 aircraft are perfect for charter of couples out of impacted zones that are cut-off by floods. Our larger Airbus H125-FX2 and Bell 206L3 have capabilities to be stripped of seating to accommodate cargo and oversized items

Our FX2 variant of H125/AS350 has been upgraded with a fully refurbished Honeywell LTS101-700 with extra lifting performance and speed. Additionally we have on board hook weight readout to maximise the capacity of every lift

We are the preferred provider of aerial photography for the majority of professional aerial photographers and cinematographers in Brisbane and SE Queensland. They choose us because we are experts in efficiently navigating the Brisbane Controlled Airspace. Our pilots have vast experience in aerial photography, ensuring you get the very best shot and the highest standard of professional service at a price that is simply unbeatable

Low Level Approval

We have access to a CASA certified Air Operators Certificate (AOC) that has low-level approval. This allows us to operate under 500ft over non-built up areas for operational requirements

helicopter flood relief NSW and QLD


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At our company, we don’t just maintain or care for our helicopters – we love them. We go above and beyond to ensure that every detail is attended to, from the direction of the bristles on the interior carpet to the three-step process we use to clean the windows. Each helicopter has its own dedicated engineer who knows the machine inside and out, resulting in helicopters that have been flying for years but still look brand new. We strive to provide a personal, customized service that meets your specific needs. Our fleet includes the Robinson R44RII VH-HIP and VH-FOA, the powerful FX2 Airbus H125/AS350 VH-JVC, and the versatile Bell 206 Longranger VH-DUB. All of our aircraft feature Bose noise-cancelling headsets, upgraded leather interiors, and top-of-the-line avionic systems by Garmin and Sagem, including traffic and terrain warning systems and radar altimeters. Our R44s also have exclusive full glass panorama doors, available only on Bekaa Air helicopters.

Maintenance & Pilots

At Bekaa Air, safety is our top priority. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, exceeding all requirements set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Our aircraft undergo extensive scheduled maintenance, including servicing every 50 hours of flight time. Our maintenance staff are dedicated to individual aircraft and are the only ones allowed to perform maintenance on our helicopters. They know the machines inside and out, ensuring that they are always in top condition. Our pilots are highly experienced, ranging from Grade One flight instructors with thousands of hours of flight time to line pilots who work for Airbus. No matter who is at the controls, you can rest assured that safety is always at the forefront of everything we do

Airbus H125 AS350 FX2 🐿

6 Seat / 5 Passenger Configuration
Cruise 115/130kt (Economy / Max Cont)
2.7hrs endurance (With fixed reserves)
Empty weight 1369kg (Without hook / Aux Equipment)
Maximum weight 2250kg internal / 2500kg external


Best in class air-conditioning with Dual Evap System
Midnight Black Windows
Generation Global seats
Traffic System with Prediction & Pilot Alerts (ADSB-IN)
Aeronautical Solutions Inlet Barrier Filter
Dual Sliding Doors
Triple Luggage configuration
Aircraft powered LEMO Bose A20 System with Bluetooth and isolation
Front Passenger Seat & Rear Cabin Transmit Capability
DART floor window with digital hook weight readout
Bambi Bucket Ready
RainDance Incendiary System Ready
Radar Altimeter with DH and Predictive Terrain Warning
SAGEM MLI, PFD and EMS with RNAV, VOR, ILS and GNSS coupling capability via dual GNS430
Dual Redundant Electronic Monitor Computer
Moving Map, Synthetic Vision and digital logging with cloud upload
Wire Strike Protection Kit (WSPS)
HID/Xenon Lights
Power Monitoring and pilot alert systems

Robinson R44 RII

4 Seat / 3 Passenger Configuration
Cruise 105-110kt
2.5hrs endurance (With fixed reserves)


Bekaa Air exclusive PureView doors
Air Conditioning
Traffic System with Prediction & Pilot Alerts (ADSB-IN)
LEMO Bose A20 System with Bluetooth and isolation
Moving Map, Synthetic Vision and logging
Custom Interior with memory foam inserts

Bell LongRanger 206L3

7  Seat / 6 Passenger Configuration
Cruise 110kt
2.2hrs endurance (With fixed reserves)


LEMO Bose A20 System with Bluetooth and isolation
Predictive Terrain Warning
Double redundant Gamin G600 Screens with coupling capability
GARMIN Traffic, Moving Map, Synthetic Vision, with Audio Alert