Kooroomba Lavender Farm

  • Scenic Rim's most picturesque venue
  • Lunch & Wine Tours
  • From $595.00pp
  • ~60min total flight time
With a restaurant, cellar door, and lavender shop on-site, this unique destination spans six hectares of lush vineyards and aromatic lavender fields. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Scenic Rim mountains, Kooroomba offers a picturesque escape that feels worlds away ​

Spicers Tamarind

  • Rain-forest Retreat with a taste of Asia
  • Lunch, Dinner, Picnic & Stay Tours
  • From $645.00pp
  • ~60min total flight time
A getaway at Spicers Tamarind Retreat combines western luxury with eastern tranquility. Flying there is an extraordinary experience. The resort is an Asian-influenced oasis that feels like you’re a world away, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquillity. When you fly, you can relax in Spa Anise; dine at The Tamarind; astonish yourself at the Cooking School; or just enjoy the stillness of a truly unique escape

Sirromet Winery

  • Brisbane's most popular winery
  • Lunch, Dinner & Stay Tours
  • From $345.00pp
  • ~30min total flight time
Sirromet is a family owned and run winery; it has been founded near the beautiful hills of Mount Cotton – just a short 15 minute flight from Brisbane. Sirromet’s state of the art facilities offer a bit of everything for anyone – no matter if you love wine or food. It’s also extremely child friendly and has plenty of options for any budget

Elements of Byron

  • Byron Bay's only beach-side resort
  • Stay Tour
  • From $1340.00
  • ~100min total flight time
Discover the epitome of coastal luxury at Elements of Byron, Byron Bay’s exclusive beachfront resort. With its award-winning design, world-class amenities, and unparalleled location, it's no wonder we consider it the jewel of Byron Bay. Experience top-tier accommodations amid stunning natural surroundings for an unforgettable getaway

Flaxton Gardens

  • Lunch & High Tea
  • From $645.00pp
  • ~60min total flight time
  • Total Tour length: 4:00hrs
Indulge in the Tapas High Tea, with a modern twist on the traditional style high tea, and delight in the unique Sunshine Coast flavours and special serving touches. Whether it's for a special occasion or a long overdue catch up with family and friends, Flaxton Gardens is the perfect destination to experience the beauty of the Sunshine Coast

Sunset Spectacular

  • Date night, taken to new heights
  • From $199.00pp
  • ~25min total flight time
Experience the magic of Brisbane at sunset with our Brisbane City Sunset Spectacular Helicopter Flight! Take off as the sun begins to set and witness the city come to life in a stunning display of colors. Fly over the city's landmarks and see breathtaking views of the skyline and river at sunset. This is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or impress that special someone. Experience the ultimate romantic adventure in Brisbane

Beechmont Estate

  • European luxury get-away
  • Lunch, Dinner & Stay Tours
  • From $695.00pp
  • ~70min total flight time
  • Total Tour length: 4:00hrs
Beechmont Estate is a privately-owned Wagyu and polo farm nestled next to the world heritage-listed Lamington National Park and the rolling hills of Beechmont and Binna Burra. A world away from the hustle and bustle of city living, the luxury country retreat offers guests a chance to escape routine and return to what’s real

Spicers Peak Lodge

  • The peak of relaxed luxury
  • Lunch & Stay Tours
  • From $645.00pp
  • ~70min total flight time
Spicers Peak Lodge provides the best location for an all-inclusive luxury getaway. Arrive at Restaurant Peak and enjoy an award winning gourmet dining experience; or why not relax with a massage at the luxurious Spa Anise, explore on a self-guided walk or simply take in the view. For those who are looking for the ultimate get-away, we provide a weekend tour

Helicopter Beach Picnic

  • Beach picnic on North Stradbroke Island
  • From $595.00pp
  • 50min total flight time
Picture yourself soaring through the skies in a helicopter, making your way to the stunning North Stradbroke’s Point Lookout. As you land, you’re transported to a secluded island paradise with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Indulge in a gourmet picnic lunch and sip on champagne while taking in the breathtaking views of Moreton Island across the Moreton Bay

The Islands Helicopter Pub Crawl

  • A pub crawl with an Island twist
  • From $795.00pp
  • 3 or 5 Pub options
  • Total Tour length: 5:00-8:00hrs
Experience the ultimate adventure with our helicopter pub crawl tour, stopping at some of the best pubs in Moreton Island, Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, Calypso Bay, and South Stradbroke. From the comfort of your helicopter, enjoy breathtaking views of the region's wildlife and waterways

The Wild West Helicopter Pub Crawl

  • An Aussie Classic Country Pub Crawl
  • From $695.00pp
  • 3 or 5 Pub options
  • Total Tour length: 5:00-8:00hrs
A Pub Crawl – and a western wild side of Brisbane – you’ve never experienced before! Explore the Scenic Rim Region via helicopter, stopping in at our favourite local watering holes along the way as we cruise around the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

Rise & Shine

  • A sun-rise scenic flight
  • From $319.00pp
  • ~25min total flight time
Fly over the city's iconic landmarks, including the Story Bridge, Suncorp Stadium, and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, all while experiencing the beauty of the sunrise over the river and skyline. This 25-minute flight will leave you breathless as you witness the city's stunning colors and beauty from above

Brissie & Goldie Pub Crawl

  • Tour best pubs around the regions of Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • From $795.00pp
  • 3 or 5 Pub options
  • Total Tour length: 5:00-8:00hrs
This is as amazing and simple as it sounds. Your day will take you to Outback Pubs, Irish Pubs, Beach Pubs, Mountain Pubs, and ‘local watering holes’ – all unique, and unapologetically, authentic.

The Overflow Estate 1895

  • A winery on Lake Wyaralong
  • Lunch & Winery Tour
  • From $495.00pp
  • ~40min total flight time
The Overflow Estate is a gorgeous winery located in the heart of the Scenic Rim. A casual menu is offered on weekdays; whilst on the weekends you will be presented with à la carte Menu by Richard Ousby. A celebration of local cuisine and produce. Wine is locally produced and have achieved National Gold Medal status

The Glasshouse Mountains

  • Sunshine Coast, The Glasshouse Mountains
  • From $499.00pp
  • ~70min total flight time
Explore the beauty of the Glasshouse Mountains and Scenic Rim with our Helicopter Scenic Rim and Glasshouse Mountains Flight. See the stunning landscape from above, with breathtaking views of rolling hills, lush rainforest, and the impressive Glasshouse Mountains. Marvel at the spectacular scenery and take unforgettable photos from the sky. Experience the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast in the most thrilling way possible

Fraser Island’s Kingfisher Bay Resort

  • Fraser Island's most popular resort
  • Lunch & Stay Tours
  • From $1290.00pp
  • ~2.5hrs total flight time
Blending seamlessly amongst the native surrounds, this hidden paradise is perfect for a relaxing island retreat, whether just for a day get-away that is only possible with a helicopter, or weekend trip away

Brisbane City Highlights

  • Ultimate Tour of Brisbane
  • From $299.00pp
  • ~40min total flight time
Elevate your Brisbane adventure with our Brisbane City Highlights Helicopter Flight! Take in the city's iconic landmarks from above and experience stunning panoramic views of the river and surrounding areas. Fly over the Story Bridge, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, and other must-see sights for an unforgettable experience. This is the ultimate way to see the best of Brisbane in style. Discover the magic of Brisbane from above

Sarabah Estate

  • French boutique vineyard estate
  • Lunch & Winery Tours
  • From $595.00pp
  • ~50min total flight time
You will feel whisked away to French countryside, as you step into Chalet Bistro. Open Friday to Sunday for Lunch, Sunday breakfast. The estate feels secluded and boutique and is a perfect romantic getaway. Why not go for a picnic in the vines and hang out with their adorable farm animals and house alpacas

Brisbane City Glimpses

  • Best value scenic flight
  • From $99.00pp
  • ~15min total flight time
Get a glimpse of the best of Brisbane with our Brisbane City Glimpses Helicopter Flight! See the city's landscape from above, including the Story Bridge, Suncorp Stadium, and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Take in the panoramic views of the river and city skyline and create unforgettable memories. This is the best way to experience the best of Brisbane in just a short amount of time. Get ready for a breathtaking adventure!

Brisbane City Secrets

  • Our most popular flight
  • From $149.00pp
  • ~25min total flight time
Take to the skies and discover the hidden treasures of Brisbane with our Brisbane City Secrets Helicopter Flight. See the city from a whole new perspective and experience breathtaking views of the skyline, river, and iconic landmarks. This is the ultimate adventure for those seeking an unforgettable experience. Book your flight now and uncover the secrets of Brisbane from above!

Sky high wine & stein

  • Wineries and Pubs by Helicopter!
  • From $795.00pp
  • Chose between 3 or 5 stops
  • Total Tour length: 5-8:00hrs
Embark on a unique aerial journey with our helicopter winery and pub tours. Spanning both celebrated vineyards and iconic pubs around Brisbane. Opt for a full or half-day adventure, choosing between 3 or 5 unforgettable stops

Brisbane + Gold Coast

  • Brisbane & Gold Coast - One Flight
  • From $449.00pp
  • ~60min+ total flight time
Experience the ultimate helicopter adventure with our Brisbane to Gold Coast Helicopter Flight! Take off from Brisbane and soar over the stunning coastline, seeing breathtaking views of the Gold Coast's pristine beaches and sparkling ocean. Along the way, catch glimpses of iconic landmarks such as the Southport Spit and Surfers Paradise.

Moreton & Stradbroke Islands

  • Island Paradise on our doorstep
  • From $499.00pp
  • ~70min total flight time
Take off on an adventure with our Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island Helicopter Flight! Fly over crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, and marvel at the beauty of these two stunning islands. See the island's landmarks from above, such as the Tangalooma Wrecks and the Point Lookout Lighthouse. This is the ultimate way to explore these idyllic destinations

Spicers Hidden Vale

  • Luxury & heartfelt country hospitality
  • Lunch, Dinner & Stay Tours
  • From $595.00pp
  • ~60min total flight time
At Spicers Hidden Vale, you are on your way to discover a heart-felt country adventure that combines a sense of the outback and wilderness with luxury and seclusion. The homage restaurant prides itself on ‘paddock to plate’ sustainable dining where hearty home-made meals meet the culinary skills some of the best chefs Australia have to offer

Ocean View Estates

  • The perfect way to escape the everyday
  • Lunch, Dinner, Winery & Stay Tours
  • From $495.00pp
  • ~45min total flight time
Ocean View Estates is a family owned winery built on the rolling mountains of Mt Mee. The winery, only a 25 minute flight away, is a stunning place to escape Brisbane’s hustle and bustle. Ocean View Estates houses an award winning, 5 – star restaurant, accommodation cottages, a brewery and a winery all for your enjoyment

Helicopter Wine Tour

  • Tour the best wineries by Helicopter!
  • Chose between 3 or 4 stops
  • From $795.00pp
  • Total Tour length: 5-8:00hrs
Our full and half day helicopter wine tours take you to some of the best wineries around Brisbane. Big names and hidden gems alike, discover the scenic rim and it's surrounds. Chose from 3 or 4 stops

frequently asked questions
Do we get to talk to each other during the flight?

Yes. All of our aircraft are equipped with the best Noise cancelling headsets by Bose. They are crystal clear and cancel out a significant portion of the outside noise. Your pilot will also provide commentary and let you talk between each other

How many people do your aircraft carry

Our main helicopter is the R44RII – a 3 passenger helicopter, with a maximum payload of around 270kg. We also utilise a turbine powered Bell LongRanger 206L3/L4 – This aircraft has the ability to carry 6 passengers and has luggage compartment. Due to turbine engine cycles, this aircraft can only be hired for flight periods of 30 mins or more

What is your cancelation policy?

All of our tours & scenics are private flights, and as such our cancelation and reschedule policies are a lot less restrictive than what you would find elsewhere. If you would like to reschedule your flight we ask that you do so with a 24 hour notice. Within this window our full refund policy applies, (Please note that a 1.95% merchant fee gets deducted from this process by PayPal)

In case you can no longer make your flight on the day and would like to cancel your flight, a $100.00 cancelation fee gets deducted from the total refund amount

On the day if it rains or we deem the conditions to no longer be safe to fly, Bekaa Air customers can either reschedule to any other day or receive a 100% refund. If the weather is marginal (aka safe to fly but less appealing to do so, eg when it’s raining) we can offer full refund or to reschedule your flight to an other day

We try to strike a balance between the very competitive nature of flight operations, looking after our staff as well as making sure that you have the most flexible policy that we can offer

Do you have any height, weight or age restrictions?

Whilst there is no laws restricting us to a certain age, passenger safety and taking care of you, our customers is always our number one priority. We have made the decision to set the minimum age at 3. Infants who are younger are still developing their neck muscles. In the event of moderate turbulence which is minor nuisance to adults can lead to whiplash in infants. Adult sized headsets fit poorly over their heads which can also lead to hearing damage. Best leave them at home with a baby sitter and enjoy the experience together

There are no height restrictions

In our R44RII helicopter which most flights are based on the maximum seat limit is 136kg and maximum payload is around 270kg

Can we take pictures and use our phones?

Yes. Unlike a commercial jet-liner, your phones do not need to be turned to airplane mode. Nor do we charge extra for this

I would like to fly somewhere else. Are these the only places you fly to?

You can fly to anywhere you like. You can fly from anywhere you like. All we need is a written landing approval from the land-owner and an assessment by us to make sure that the area meets our safety requirements. The tours you see on our website are the hand-picked ones that meet our quality requirements. Instead of listing as many places as we can, we have selected each individual winery, lodge and resort as a top performer. You will not go wrong no matter which place you chose

Are there any clothing requirements?

Enclosed shoes are to be worn. Sunglasses and sunscreen to protect you from the Queensland sun are also recommended

What are your operating hours

We don’t have operating hours because we operate around your requirements. As long as there is light, we can fly (approx. 30min prior sunrise and 30min after sunset, but season dependent). You can call us anytime between 8:00 – 17:00, with the phone being forwarded on to our Chief Pilot outside of business hours. We can land almost anywhere as long as it’s large enough to accommodate our aircraft and we can ascertain landing permission from the landowner. The only exception is our sunset flight which has it’s own time-slot each day

Will we be sitting next to someone?

This is what makes our approach unique. All of our tours, including the scenic flights – are private. This means that when you book your flight for two people, we will not sell the remaining seat to anyone else. Whilst this inadvertently means we make less on each flight, we have made this decision so we ultimately provide a better experience for our customers