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common destinations are below

Brisbane ->
Gold Coast


Gold Coast ->

Landing at either Gold Coast Airport or Sea World

$895.00 for three ($298pp)

Brisbane ->
Sunshine Coast
[-> Brisbane]

Landing at either Caloundra or Sunshine Coast Airport

$795.00 for three ($265pp)

Brisbane ->
[-> Brisbane]

Landing at Toowoomba Airport

$795.00 for three ($265pp)

Brisbane – >
Byron Bay
[-> Brisbane]

Landing at Ballina or Tyagarah Airport

$1260.00 for three ($420pp)

  But I have questions…   

But I want to go somewhere else

Contact us with your request and we will take it from there!

Are there any weight or height limitations?

Maximum weight limit is 136kg per seat including a max luggage allowance of 23kg per seat. The maximum combined passenger and luggage weight of 250kg (not including pilot or fuel). For instance, three people weighing 75kg (225kg total)  can bring 25kg of luggage between the three of them. There are no height limitations.

Can you land on private property?

In short, yes. However, we need written permission from the landowner and the site must be passed as safe for landing.

Where do you land in Brisbane?

All our flights are to/from Archerfield Airport. We also have access to Mt Cootha Helipad and Brisbane Domestic/International Airport. Please note that due to the commercial nature of Brisbane Airport, additional fees apply depending on arrival/departure time. If you wish to land on a private property and can gain written permission from the landowner we can land there. Provided the landing space is deemed safe.  Contact us and we would be glad to arrange this for you.

How many people can your aircraft take?

All our prices are based on our most popular helicopter: A Robinson R44 RII; a four-seat, three passenger aircraft with cargo capacity for one carry-on bag under each seat. We understand that some customers require a larger aircraft, this is why we can also offer a Bell LongRangerL3/L4. This aircraft can seat up to 6 passengers with a cargo space with a maximum capacity of 113kg (please note that on some flights we may not be able to carry this much luggage due to the amount of fuel and number of passengers). For those who demand an aircraft that can lift a lot more, we have access to a AS350/H125 B3 with 5 passenger capacity and a big cargo space. Contact us with your requirements and we can take it from there.

  Your prices are much lower than competitors; what gives?   

If you look around you will only find a small hand-full of helicopter companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The lack of competition means that customers end up paying more. At Bekaa Air, we love flying; we want helicopter flights to be accessible to all. All of our aircraft are owned outright, we use metropolitan airports and fly longer routes than our competition. This keeps the costs down whilst maintaining a very high level of service and safety; speaking of which… scroll down.

You’re in safe hands

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