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Experience  the best range of Helicopter Pub Crawls in Australia
With our classic  Brisbane & Gold Coast Pub Crawl,
Or a true Aussie Classic  Wild West Pub Tour. 

Choose between  3 or 5 stops 

Wild West Country Pub Crawl

Experience the ultimate Aussie adventure with a helicopter pub crawl through the beautiful Scenic Rim, Ipswich, and Lockyer Valley regions west of Brisbane. Imagine visiting some of the best country pubs, sipping on a pint at each stop and indulging in delicious meals, all while soaring high above the picturesque landscape.

This unique pub crawl, organized by Bekaa Air, offers more than just a chance to have a drink, it’s an opportunity to discover the best of Aussie hospitality and culture. You’ll visit a selection of charming country pubs, each with its own unique character, and indulge in quality food, craft beers and live entertainment

From Sundowner Saloon to The Scenic Rim Brewery, the selection of pubs is carefully curated and guaranteed to be a surprise. If you’re interested, we can even arrange for a pickup from your house in the helicopter, and if you’re looking to extend the experience, overnight accommodation with dinner and breakfast can also be arranged. Enjoy the best craft beer in QLD.

Item Cost (pp)
5 Pub Crawl $1095.00
3 Pub Crawl $895.00
Add Brisbane CBD Scenic +$99.00

Want to check availability, or have a question? Open a chat window and talk to your pilots directly. We are often flying, if we can’t get to you straight away please leave your email or phone number

Helicopter Pub Crawl Brisbane + Gold Coast

Embark on a journey like no other with our one-of-a-kind helicopter pub crawl. Explore the best pubs in the region, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Moreton, North Stradbroke Island and the Scenic Rim, while soaring high above the picturesque landscape.

Our tour is different from the rest. It’s not just a simple pub crawl, it’s a full helicopter experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. With a helicopter, you can cover more ground in just one day and experience the region in a unique way. The tour usually starts and ends at Archerfield Airport, but we can also accommodate custom pickups upon request.

You’ll visit a variety of pubs that cater to all tastes, from Outback Pubs to Irish Pubs, Beach Pubs, Mountain Pubs, and local watering holes. All of the pubs we visit are authentic and unapologetically unique. Our tour comes in two options, a five pub or a three pub tour

Our 5 day pub crawl starts at our base at Archerfield at 9:30AM, and returns in the afternoon at 4:30PM (slight seasonal variances occur with daylight hours). Our 3 stop tour usually starts at 12:00 noon, returning at a similar time. We can accommodate passengers from groups of two, all the way up to larger groups of twelve and with some modifications even more. There is no better way to enjoy a cold beer!

Item Cost (pp)
5 Pub Crawl $1195.00
3 Pub Crawl $995.00
Add Brisbane Scenic +$99.00
Add Gold Coast Scenic +$99.00

Want to check availability, or have a question? Open a chat window and talk to your pilots directly. We are often flying, if we can’t get to you straight away please leave your email or phone number

Direct Flight - (Base Price)

Most of our customers upgrade to a Brisbane CBD Scenic, if you’re looking to make the tour even more special, the Gold Coast Scenic flight really does take the experience to the next level. If you’re looking to get from the airport and back the fastest, or on a budget the direct flight is the choice for you. Don’t worry, we do not implement techniques to up-sell every flight, or treat any of our customers differently – everyone gets the same Bekaa Air service

Brisbane City Scenic - (+99.00)

Spice up your flight with a Brisbane City scenic. You will be taken past St Lucia and the Gabba, across the Brisbane River. Past Kangaroo Point and the botanical gardens. We will bend a left around the Meriton to showcase the northern side of Brisbane. Then we will complete an other arc flying past West End and Southbank. All this at a perfect height of 1000ft (300m) above the terrain bellow.

Please note that the City is inside Brisbane Controlled Airspace. Whilst we do everything possible to secure a clearance into this airspace sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances [such as a rescue helicopter coming to land] we may not be allowed in. In this case we will fly past South Bank and West End at the edge of the controlled airspace we will then make a left turn and fly overhead Mt Cootha and the TV Towers giving you a view of the entire Brisbane area. If it’s clear you will be able to sometimes see all the way to Southport and the Glasshouse Mountains


Gold Coast Scenic - (+99.00)

This Gold Coast scenic flight is simply breathtaking. This scenic flight doesn’t just span to South Port/Sea World. We are going to fly coastal southbound all the way past Q1 and Broad Beach at 1000ft. Then we are going inland to take a look at the city from the western hills. Endless Beaches, beautiful skyscrapers and brilliant blue water. No wonder it’s called surfers paradise


JetBase Lounge (+$60.00)

Bekaa Air’s Business Lounge at Archerfield provides refreshments, access to wifi and comfortable seating in air-conditioned rooms. Conference rooms can be also booked with any flight. We can arrange parking, transfer services, events and access to private jets. For customers who prefer not to pay extra, we utilise the Archerfield Terminal facilities which are complimentary with any Bekaa Air flight

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$60.00 Total (Per Flight)

Go-Pro UHD Footage (+$45.00)

We have two mounting positions for the go-pro. The first is positioned at the very back and top of the cabin. This mount encapsulates 160′ viewing angle of your flight. The second position is at the front, mounted to face towards you, perfect for proposals and capturing reactions of your loved one. You will receive the footage straight after the flight via the SD card

$45.00 Total (Per Flight)

Are the drinks included

Drinks are not included in the tour price. We’ve done this for a couple of important reasons. Firstly, it allows us to offer a more flexible pricing model. In the past we had to price the tour with the thirstiest of guests in mind. Secondly, it removes the pressure to drink excessively in an attempt to “get your money’s worth,” ensuring a more enjoyable and responsible experience for everyone

Can we talk during the flight?

Yes. All of our aircraft are equipped with the best Noise cancelling headsets by Bose. They are crystal clear and cancel out a significant portion of the outside noise. Your pilot will also provide commentary and let you talk between each other

What are the age/height/weight restrictions?

Whilst there is no laws restricting us to a certain age; passenger safety and taking care of you, our customers is always our number one priority. This is why we have made the decision to set the minimum age at 3. Infants who are younger are still developing their neck muscles. In the event of turbulence which is minor nuisance to adults can lead to whiplash in infants. Adult sized headsets fit poorly over their heads which can also lead to hearing damage. The flight can also be sometimes frighting for them, which can take away from the experience. Best leave them at home with a baby sitter and enjoy the helicopter flight

There are no height restrictions

In our R44RII helicopter which most flights are based on the maximum seat limit is 136kg and maximum payload is around ~270kg

Our Airbus AS350/H125 helicopter can seat 5 passengers without an individual weight limit

Our Industry leading cancelation policy

Perhaps a low bar to clear. Anyone who had a flight cancelled for any reason would have gone through the painful process of trying to get a refund. We did everything possible to make our cancelation policy one of the best. We are certain that you won’t find anywhere that offers a policy as transparent and flexible as ours

If you would like to reschedule your flight we ask that you do so with a 24 hour notice. Within this window our full refund policy applies

On the day if we deem the conditions to no longer be safe to fly, Bekaa Air customers can either reschedule to any other day or receive a 100% refund. If the weather is marginal (aka safe to fly but affects the experience, eg when it’s raining) we can offer full refund or to reschedule your flight to an other day

We do not offer refunds for no-shows or cancelations inside the 24 hour period

Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers are available at no extra cost and can be redeemed anytime within the 3 year validity period. You can also upgrade your flight or transfer the voucher to another person without any additional charges. These vouchers are processed by hand and will be emailed to you after you submit your purchase. You can find a sample of what the vouchers look like by visiting the provided link here

How long is each stop?

We account for about 45min per pub stop and 1.5hrs for lunch. Ultimately within the time-frame of the pub crawl, it’s up to you how long you would like to spend at each pub

Where does this tour start?

Our helicopter tours depart from Archerfield Airport in Brisbane. The Half Day Pub Crawl usually starts at 11:00/12:00, while the Full Day Pub Crawl usually starts at 9:30. It’s important to note that our tours are private and customizable, so if you have specific preferences for the start time or any other aspect of the tour, we’ll be happy to work with you to accommodate them. Our goal is to ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience on your helicopter pub crawl, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any special requests

Can we use our phones?

Yes. Unlike a commercial jet, your phones do not need to be turned to airplane mode. Nor do we charge extra for this

Will we be sitting next to someone?

This is what makes our approach unique. All of our tours, including the scenic flights – are private. This means that when you book your flight for two people, we will not sell the remaining seat to anyone else. Whilst this inadvertently means we make less on each flight, we have made this decision so we ultimately provide a better experience for our customers

Intoxication Policy

Let’s get the most important question you have out of the way first, we want you to have fun do not limit our customers to one beer per venue. However – it should be noted that this is not an opportunity to get drunk at 2,000 feet. Safety is paramount, and so are the rules around aircraft boarding whilst intoxicated. Additionally we love and we baby our helicopters, we dedicate hours per aircraft each week just to clean and look after them. We don’t contract some detailing company to do this; we do it ourselves – every day we fly. Please keep this in mind when ordering one too many. It’s about the experience; one which you want to remember!

Flaxton Gardens

  • From $645.00pp
  • Sky High Tea
  • Lunch & High Tea
  • ~60min total flight time
Indulge in the Tapas High Tea, with a modern twist on the traditional style high tea, and delight in the unique Sunshine Coast flavours and special serving touches. Whether it's for a special occasion or a long overdue catch up with family and friends, Flaxton Gardens is the perfect destination to experience the beauty of the Sunshine Coast

View Tour

Beechmont Estate

  • From $695.00pp
  • European luxury get-away
  • Lunch, Dinner & Stay Tours
  • ~70min total flight time
Beechmont Estate is a privately-owned Wagyu and polo farm nestled next to the world heritage-listed Lamington National Park and the rolling hills of Beechmont and Binna Burra. A world away from the hustle and bustle of city living, the luxury country retreat offers guests a chance to escape routine and return to what’s real

View Tour

Kooroomba Lavender Farm

  • From $595.00pp
  • Scenic Rim's most picturesque venue
  • Lunch & Wine Tours
  • ~60min total flight time
With a restaurant, cellar door, and lavender shop on-site, this unique destination spans six hectares of lush vineyards and aromatic lavender fields. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Scenic Rim mountains, Kooroomba offers a picturesque escape that feels worlds away

View Tour

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