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With Bekaa Air you can now travel in our fully air-conditioned and beautifully maintained Robinson R44 anywhere in Queensland and NSW in style.

The prices presented are for the hire of the entire helicopter for up to three passengers. Please note that flights may be restricted if the manifest is above 250kg total.

Below you’ll find our most frequently asked questions.

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Below you will find our base hourly rate. If you know how long you plan on flying, this is the base price we work from. This rate is, however, variable depending on where you would like us to pick you up from and land. For instance, Brisbane Airport charges us $50.00 off-peak and $250.00 on-peak every time we land or take-off from there.

Flying to any of these:

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Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast


  • Robinson R44 hourly rate from:
    $620 / 207pp/ 1 Flight Hour
    • Up to three people
    • Aircraft is based in Archerfield Airport - Brisbane
    • Chose your own dropoff and pickup locations
    • With access to Brisbane Airport and Mt Cootha (Chanel 9 Helipad)
    • Fully Air Conditioned Helicopter
    • Return flights available with wait options
  • Bell 206 hourly rate from:
    $$1195 / 299pp/ 1 Flight Hour
    • Up to four people
    • Aircraft is based at Archerfield Airport - Brisbane
    • Choose your own drop-off and pickup locations
    • Access to Brisbane Airport and Mt Cootha (Chanel 9 Helipad)
    • Fully Air Conditioned Helicopter
    • Return flights available with wait options


Aircraft Limitations


Our Robinson R44 has the ability to carry 250kg internally without any problems on all our routes. We can carry additional payload depending on the flight you have chosen. Further information regarding this is in the request form.


We have a limited amount of luggage space available. Passengers are limited to a maximum of 23kg under the seat, not exceeding a total seat limit of 136kg. Please note that if you’re travelling with larger bags we can use the spare seat to secure it. 

Longest non-refuel flight?

Our aircraft cruises at 110kt (205km/h), with a total fuel endurance of 3 hours. Accounting for reserves, we can fly non-stop for 2:15 hours or approximately 450km in a straight line without stopping for fuel.

About your flight

Number of passengers

Our Aircraft has the ability to carry up to three passengers (all prices you see are for the hire of the entire aircraft).

Please note: If you have two children and their combined weight is less than 77kg they may occupy one seat together. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Require a larger capacity aircraft? No problem, contact us directly with your requirements and we will take it from there.

Where do you land?

In Brisbane, we land at Archerfield Airport. We have the ability to utilise Brisbane Airport and Mt Cootha (Chanel 9) at an additional cost.

On the Gold Coast, we can land at either Sea World or the Gold Coast Airport.

The exact position of drop-off and pick-up points are below.

What price do I pay?

The total flight cost. The per person price has been the total flight cost divided by aircraft passenger capacity (3 people). The flight can be undertaken with one, two or three people.

The bill is split accordingly.

Additional Requirements

Can you hold on the ground for us?

Yes we can. In your flight booking, a free one-hour stay-over is included. Thereafter we charge a $49/hr aircraft and pilot holding fee.

Passengers who require assitance

Please note that due to the size restrictions of our aircraft we cannot take guide dogs on our flights.

At Bekaa Air we aim to provide you with great service. There are a few things that we can arrange for passengers who require assistance. Due to individual requirements, we ask that you contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.

 Designing your flight 

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