COVID-19 – Status of operations

We are back to operating our scenic flights from Saturday 16/05/2020

We will continue our rigorous disinfection policy between flights (see bellow)

Lunch tours, pub tours, winery tours are still not available; however you can book into the future (see bellow)

Lunch Tours are running at limited capacity, please see bellow

All essential transport operations are continuing as per before

To our current customers and voucher holders

If you have a helicopter flight, boarding pass or a gift voucher that you have purchased at any time since January 2019, your purchase is now valid in perpetuity. Simply this means your purchase doesn’t have an expiry date. Email with your booking number, or name and current booked date and let us know when you would like to change your booking date to. If you do not have a date in mind yet that’s fine, we will hold your booking in credit until you email us to re-book. Please note that this does not apply to any third party vouchers (eg. Red Balloon, Viator, Trip Advisor etc…) as we can not make statements on their behalf. Please contact your issuer directly and we will try to assist wherever possible

A note on our lunch, winery & pub heli-tours

We are open and can run helicopter tours – So if you see a helicopter lunch tour on our website that interests you, please call us, or open a chat or email us before purchasing. Availability is limited due to maximum seating capacity of 20 people at a time

Our Commitment to Your Safety

The safety and health of our guests and crew are always our highest priority. We are monitoring the information released by the Australian government, state, local offices and health organizations to ensure we are following the very latest advice for services we provide, and we are doing everything we can to assist our passengers

Elevated Cleaning & Disinfecting Measures

We have adopted an elevated cleaning and disinfecting regimen for all human contact areas. Our headsets get cleaned every flight and no longer have microphone muffs. This is done between every flight